Everybody can enjoy the water:
the device is beneficial not only for people in wheelchair, but also for people mildly or moderately limited in their movements, missing a limb, struggling with ataxia as well as for elderly people afraid of slipping.

Barrierefreien Wasserliftes

Independent operation:
no operator is needed, the user can operate the device alone thereby reducing the sense of helplessness.

all the components of the water entry device are made of environmentally friendly materials, the chair is powered by hydro-electric power and the control system uses solar energy.

Economical and safe operation:
after installation no maintenance or repair tasks requiring specialized knowledge are necessary.

Installation in shallow water:
the hydraulic water entry device can be installed in areas with as low as 50 cm water level.

Barrierefreien Wasserliftes

Indirect benefits in tourism:
Reaching the disabled population as potential clients, while offering unique services: the disabled guests generate extra guest nights for the town with a water entry device, which directly and indirectly contributes to the revenue of the town and thus to the discretionary income of its population.

Areas of application:
Lakes, rivers, seas, indoor/outdoor pools, thermal baths and spas, pensions, rehabilitation centers.

Getting into the seat is aided by handrails. The diving-chair’s frame is designed to prevent roll-over and has a remote control that controls the movement of the chair and alarm button. The device is equipped with a protective edge preventing roll-off on the water side of the device. If installed in natural waters, railing is installed on the side of the water entry device consisting of prefabricated linked elements. It is connected to the shore with a ramp. The possible vertical movement - caused by waves or other water level fluctuation - is addressed by a folding hinge. The floating water entry device is attached to the bottom using weights under the entry. The device can be easily disassembled of the winter season.

Barrierefreien Wasserliftes
Barrierefreien Wasserliftes
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